Testimonies: Prayer & Fasting 12 – 15 June 2023

During the month of June our church took part in a time of prayer and fasting, with a focus on drawing closer to God. During this time we were encouraged to abstain from any activity that might not allow us to hear God’s voice clearer and to spend time with Him.

This was a rewarding time for many in our church. Please enjoy the testimonies of several of our church members, about their time of prayer and fasting.

“During the church period of fasting, I spent some more time reading and thinking about my Christian faith”

 “While fasting, I felt the physical touch of God; this was very comforting”

 “God provided for me in a very practical way while fasting; I needed a lift home and God provided someone to do that for me with all my shopping”

 “I felt connected to God in a particular way; this brought a renewed passion for Him and a time of thankfulness and awareness that he was really with me”

 “I have started to read my Bible more and had a break from other things that were taking up my time”

 “My bible reading became more focused”

 “As a family we spent more time together, not in front of the TV, but having quality time and growing in our relationship with God.”