Pastor Tim Macdonald

Pastor Tim Macdonald

Tim MCdonald and family

Pastor Tim Macdonald

Tim and Katherina (Kathy) have been married for 11 years and have two children – Melchizedek (9 yrs old) and Daniel (7 yrs old).

Tim has worked in the field of mental health for over 10 years with several Non-governmental Organisations. Tim has studied in several areas including Aviation, Business; and Counselling at a graduate/post-graduate level. He completed his Grad. Dip in Divinity and is currently studying for his Master of Divinity.

Kathy has worked as an Accountant for various organisations for over the last 13 years. Kathy has earned her degree in accounting and has her CA.

A Call to Ministry

After travelling around Australia in a caravan in 2018, Tim felt the call to study in theology. He enrolled at Tabor and has been studying there ever since.

The family attended Nations Church for one year and were involved in the Prayer Ministry and attended a cell group/bible study. From 2020 – September 2022 they attended the Foursquare Church, Crown of Life.

Over this time, we have learned a lot from Pastor Dywen and the other leaders at Crown of Life. We have been open to following the Spirit’s lead.

Our vision is to be part of a church where we are engaged in the community in which we live and build relationships with those whom God has placed in our lives. It is also to learn, study, and preach the word of God so that it transforms our understanding of God and gives us a desire to share the gospel with others. Finally, our vision is to celebrate with other Christians how the reality of God’s Kingdom is being lived out in each other’s lives.

For us, time spent with friends and family is vital. This includes immediate and extended family and friends in our neighbourhood, school, and community. We believe in setting boundaries around our time so we can engage meaningfully and with energy when we are with others in work and ministry, while also focusing on our intimate relationships and showing love through time spent together. We have seen ministry leaders burn out and while respecting their dedication to the work of God, we also believe that boundaries and a balanced lifestyle are vital to glorifying God with our whole lives, and not just ministry.”

Previous Ministry – At Crown of Life, Tim and Kathy were involved in: Children’s Ministry, Worship Ministry, the Young Adults/Family Ministry; and were responsible for running church services on a regular basis. Tim was actively involved in preaching. They have also both been on the Eldership Council and Kathy served as the church accountant.

We welcome Tim, Kathy, Melchi and Daniel to our church community here at Warren Valley Community Church. We look forward to seeing what God has planned for them, for our church and for our community; and praise God for the unique gifts that they bring to our church family.